Marketing VA with Writing Skills

Active 365 — Company based in Austin, Texas, United States

via Hubstaff Talent

A well-capitalized start-up with diverse business interests (eCommerce, software, etc) seeks extremely talented virtual assistant to help build our brand and online presence. If you possess excellent writing skills, know how to generate leads, follow up with prospects, and ultimately generate sales, this is the position for you.

**Following skills are essential**:

* Excellent fluency in English with simple and easy to understand writing style. You should be able to connect with the readers with your writing.
* Ability to do internet research, collect database of leads and follow up with personalized emails.
* Basic familiarity with Excel and ability to organize data, leads, and research in spreadsheets or documents.
* Prior experience in working for software vendor or an eCommerce company will be a bonus.

**Core Responsibilities**

* Amazing at conducting research online, writing down notes, creating summaries, Excel lists and provide simple reports
* Sales-related online research to find new potential clients, based on target market
* Creating/Editing of basic content on a Wordpress website, writing blog posts, product descriptions, etc
* Basic copywriting for E-mail communication. 
* Forum posting (Reddit/Facebook), helping people out with their questions.
* Researching and locating additional VAs or skilled freelancers on Fiverr, suppliers on Alibaba, or other platforms as needed to complete future projects
* You will be provided with a **wide latitude in creativity**, **learning opportunities**, **flexible hours** and location (100% remote), and potential **opportunity for bonus and/or profit sharing** depending on your contribution and the company performance.