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Acuity Scheduling, Inc. — Company based in New York, NY

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Headquarters: New York, NY
URL: https://AcuityScheduling.com/

OH, HI! My name’s Acuity Scheduling, but my friends call me Cutie. I’m an online scheduling tech company from New York City, and I’m 10 and 3/5ths years old. But that’s, like, 30 in software company years.

Hobbies include: sipping craft beer, using finger guns like they’re goin’ out of style, and delivering show-stopping karaoke performances wherever there’s a boombox and a stage.

Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot!), but I’m not your typical grow fast/die young startup. Rather, I’m an established company with the whip smart dexterity and nimbleness of a new company. (We’re talking 8 figures a year in revenue from over 70,000 businesses who use me to schedule millions of appointments each and every month)

In other words, the name of the came is consistent, quick growth, and I’m looking for the Head Honcho of Growth to lead the charge on marketing. Whether you’re about content marketing, organic reach, or a blazing wild card, it’s about increasing our reach — so we can give more hugs (and help more businesses).

I bet I know what you’re thinking.

“Why manage schedules?”

Well, I like to help people. I guess you could say I take after my dad that way. His name’s Gavin and he built me from scratch almost 10 years ago! Can you believe it? An entire decade dedicated to making the lives of business owners easier.

And that’s where you come in.


You’ll fit in with me better than peanut butter at a jam sesh if you:

  • Just found that lame grandpa joke at least mildly amusing.
  • Cozy up with SaaS metrics (LTV, CAC, ARPU, Churn, etc.) like a true pro.
  • Can’t wait to dive in face-first to get a deep understanding of our customers and their journey inside of Acuity. 
  • Feel 188% comfortable effectively structuring your own remote days without a micromanaging dragon breathing down your neck (you’re more Type A, after all, and love coming up with your own ideas). 
  • Once had a fling with HTML, CSS, and a bit of Javascript, and you still remember enough of the good times to handle basic formatting. 
  • Are confident about stepping up to the plate and taking over an existing 7-figure-a-year marketing budget (plus working with outside contractors to keep everything working as smooth as buttah). 
  • Lay awake at night dreaming up new A/B tests on marketing websites, sign ups, in the web app itself, and throughout the funnel — and then have the skills the implement your master plan.
  • Slice and dice masses of data (using Amplitude) to understand our users as easily as you slice and dice tomatoes. 
  • Are into working with developers to implement and track your user acquisition and retention ideas (because turning data into action is the best of all worlds). 
  • Happily link arms with our existing team for social media, copywriting, and design to get your ideas from your brain into the world. 
  • Feel absolutely stoked about helping us nurture our partnerships with other companies. 
  • Like the idea of working directly with the CEO on a day-to-day basis. (He’s a pretty cool guy with lots of great puns, don’t worry.) 
  • Put good ol’ fashioned ETHICS above everything else. We never (ever) want to trick people just to improve our numbers, so it’s about growth that comes from a great place.

Oh, and by the way? Please only apply if you’re cool with:

  • Having 100% of your medical, dental, and vision premiums covered.
  • Living that unlimited PTO life. (It’s real, and it’s wonderful.) 
  • 3% of your salary being contributed to your 401K. 
  • Being an autodidact. Go on. Look it up. (You’ll get a $5,000 credit toward continuing your education.)
If this description sounds like you, there’s a chance I’d like to offer you $100k - $150k salary. Straight up cash money. I mean, it’d be in exchange for your professional services each year, but still.

Write me. Or, you know, fill out the application that the CEO, Gavin, will review personally. You can count on it. Which is nice because they tell me that good men are hard to find these days.

Sincerely yours,


AKA Acuity Scheduling

To apply: https://acuity-scheduling.workable.com/jobs/732289/candidates/new