Growth Operations Manager

Aptible — Company based in Kings County, NY

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Do you want to help design and build a data infrastructure that will reduce sales cycle time, improve conversion rate, eliminate churn, and improve marketing?

Aptible is seeking a growth operations manager to dream up, design, and implement an operations infrastructure that will not only power sales, marketing, and customer success but also be directly responsible for a faster rate of growth.

The Aptible growth team is committed to ensuring Aptible uses its customer and prospect data as a source of growth. We have big plans to organize and analyze the data we collect in ways that reduce sales cycle time, improve conversion rates, forecast and eliminate churn, and drive marketing messaging. We need a growth operations manager who can help us make this a reality.

This job extends beyond the borders of a single system or domain: we’re not looking for applicants who want to focus exclusively on Salesforce administration or creating drip campaigns. We’re looking for a candidate motivated to see the big picture across all systems, teams, and data sets and implement simple but powerful processes that will drive our growth.

So if you have deep sales or marketing operations experience and are interested in building a best-in-class operations infrastructure: apply now.

About Aptible

It’s true: Software is eating the world, powered by the Internet. A growing wave of developers all over the world are using web-scale technology to build and deploy health care, fintech, banking, payments, IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and other B2B applications.

Security and compliance are mandatory from day one for these teams of developers, but many of them struggle. When their teams are small, they can’t afford to hire full-time for security or compliance. When they scale, they find that existing security and compliance management tools suck.

At Aptible, we make people-centered security products that help developer teams build security into their architecture and their organization’s culture:

Enclave is a container orchestration platform built for developers that automates security best practices and controls needed for deploying and scaling Dockerized apps in regulated industries.

Gridiron is like the missing QuickBooks for security management. It helps developers design and run security management programs that meet and exceed requirements like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. Customers use it to build trust with their own customers and partners, and prepare for certifications.

In this role, you will:

  • Join Aptible’s growth team to lead Aptible’s sales and marketing operations. Work will run the gamut from manual campaign execution to designing and building strategic systems, but the goal will always be the same: use prospect and customer data as a major source growth.
  • Design and implement marketing and sales processes to create an end-to-end customer experience (think: simple, easy onboarding funnel) that drives powerful sales outcomes (complete behavioral, firmographic, and demographic profiles for each lead).
  • Maximize the potential of our lean GTM team through data collection, enrichment, cleansing, and analysis. Are there trends occurring in what prospects are saying? How can we use that to improve marketing messaging?
  • Keep our data clean and up-to-date across all systems. Build workflows to ensure the data remains clean and up-to-date.
  • Start with a blank slate CRM (Salesforce) and migrate all legacy data into it while building a structured, repeatable sales process.
  • Orchestrate and execute on sales, marketing, and customer success campaigns by using the data you’ve collected to identify prospects and customers ripe for outreach and determining the message they need to receive.
  • Help with the publication and distribution of blog posts, changelog entries, landing pages, ad campaigns and more.
  • Report on the full funnel using off the shelf tools (Google Analytics, Salesforce) and purpose-built SQL analyses to determine the effectiveness of campaigns and processes and decode trends to inform product direction and marketing and sales strategy.

You might be a good fit for this role if:

  • You have deep experience with sales operations and/or marketing operations. Both would be a plus.
  • At a minimum, you’ve created comcustom fields and administered drip campaigns, but you must be expert level at either sales or marketing ops.
  • You’ve worked with Google Analytics or other similar marketing analytics tools to measure campaign effectiveness.
  • You’ve written some SQL. Experience in writing queries against marketing and sales data to build lists and analyze campaign performance is a plus. Experience with modern analytics tools (Mode, Looker, etc.) are a plus.
  • You have experience with Google Tag Manager, Segment, Snowplow, or other event tracking platform.
  • You love spreadsheets and are comfortable writing formulas to help with data cleanup, list building, and impromptu analysis.
  • Tools like Zapier are second nature to you.
  • You love simplifying big, complicated processes and want to be held accountable for data quality and results.
  • You have an eye for details: for spotting dupes and bad data and fixing process issues.

You might be a good fit for Aptible if:

  • You think having a safe, private Internet is important
  • You prefer to work with a small group of high performers, relative to the scope of our customer/revenue base
  • You are a deliberate communicator, and value good communication
  • You’re self-directed and comfortable with autonomy and responsibility
  • You’re ready to work remotely, communicating asynchronously across time zones and cultures
  • You love learning, and want to grow professionally

Why you should work at Aptible:

  • Making the Internet safe to trust with sensitive data is a good thing!
  • It’s also pretty fun!
  • You will learn a lot about security, compliance, DevOps, and SaaS. We work very closely, collaborating across the company and teaching each other.
  • You will get to work with customers doing really cool things
  • You will feel invested in your work: We are highly internally transparent with business strategy, successes and failures, and management decisions. You will have a direct impact on success, and whether we achieve our goals.
  • You will help us build a business for the long term, investing in a sustainable business model and building trust with our customers through transparency and visibility
  • We are backed by excellent investors and have the resources we need to do a great job
  • Everyone gets to live in the place that suits them best. We work remotely, and meet up at least twice a year in places like Mexico, San Diego, Brooklyn, Barcelona, Denver, and Ann Arbor/Detroit. Next up: Paris? Iceland?
  • A+ benefits
  • Mandatory vacation

Please be sure to include a cover letter that explains:

  • Why you’d be a good fit for this role
  • Your favorite sales or marketing ops project you’ve led, what you learned, and what you’d do differently if you did it again

Given our small team and the large volume of applicants, we cannot consider candidates who do not complete a cover letter addressing the above.

You will be asked to complete a brief data exercise as part of the interview process.