Social Media Account Manager

Atlas Inbound — Company based in Seattle, Washington, United States

via Hubstaff Talent

We are looking for a social media account manager to handle daily posting (roughly 20+ posts per month). This will take roughly 30 minuter per day and can include the following tasks:

1. Create the daily post (image/video and copy)
2. Create the ad using a saved audience inside of ad manager
3. Allocate ad spend per post/ad.
4. Schedule posting

Assistance and proofreading will be given for larger giveaway type ads. A majority of the content (images/video) will be provided at the beginning of the engagement. Any additional posts determined to be relevant by the social media account manager will can be found on Pinterest, blogs, FB pages, etc.

This is a largely self directed position, in which the daily post and scheduling will be determined by the account manager. In some instances the account that is being managed may have special dates and times requested for posts (holiday events, parties, specials, etc) and that will be communicated to the account manager.

Applicants must have proof of current/previous experience managing FB and Instagram accounts as well as familiarity with Facebook Ads Manager.

We want you to be successful at your job, so we can be successful at ours! We want to collaborate and assist any way we can to make sure the account manager is successful!

We look forward to hearing from you!