Virtual Assistant For Digital Consultant

Bronson Digital — Company based in New york, New York, United States

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Are you an experienced Virtual Assistant with strong admin skills, technical aptitude, and internet & social media savvy. 

I'm hiring Immediately!

Long term position with a growing company in the booming digital advertising industry. Regular pay increases with tenure. Bonuses for quality work. New and interesting tasks daily. 

Consistent 20+ hours per week with opportunity to grow in to Full Time 40 hour per week role after short trial period. 

**| KEY QUALITIES**: Who I'm looking for

* Highly Organized: Ability to manage several projects simultaneously
* Efficient: Takes the fewest number of steps to complete a task
* Detail Oriented: Pays attention to details, does not make frequent errors
* Clear Communication: Expresses oneself clearly and accurately
* Autonomous: Ability to work with minimal supervision
* Personal Initiative: Proactive, seeks solutions, thinks of ways to improve processes

**| RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE**: Tasks you will be doing

* Managing data in google sheets, formatting, and importing data into CRM, dialer software, and email software. 
* Duplicating pages in WordPress (push one button), editing some minor text, and changing custom url, then publishing. 
* Basic WordPress maintenance such as updating plugins regularly. 
* Managing Online Calendars/Scheduling
* Web Research and Data Entry
* Responding to comments and private messages in social media
* Documenting policies, procedures, and systems (SOPs)
* Preparing and delivering client reports
* Transcribing meeting notes and audios from voice to text

**| TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED**: Skills you bring to the table

* Proficient in project management software (we use TeamworkPM)
* Proficient in Google Drive; Docs, Sheets, etc. 
* Familiar and comfortable with WordPress
* Minimum 60 WPM Typing Speed

If this sounds like a job you will enjoy and be successful in then I welcome you to apply here on hubstaff.

Highlight your relevant work experience as a virtual assistant and submit the requested information below for qualification. 

**Please submit the following along with your proposal**: 

* Voice interview recording
* Internet Speed Test

**Instructions on how to submit your qualifying material below**:

**(1).** This is your voice interview. You will need a headset or mic to record your voice interview. 

i. Go to

ii. Click "Click to Record"

iii. In your voice interview please include all of the following: 

* State your name. 
* Where you are from. 
* How long you have been a VA. (or relevant work experience)
* What you enjoy most about being a VA. 
* Why I should hire you as my VA. 
* What is your VA "Super Power"?

iv. When you are finished recording, click "Stop"

v. Then click "Click here to save"

vi. Copy your unique url under "sharing options" and include the link with your proposal in the appropriate section. 

**(2).** Internet Speed Test

i. Go to 

* Click "Begin Test"
* After speed test has completed, click "Share This Result"
* Copy the URL to your results page

ii. Include your speed test results page URL with your proposal in the appropriate section. 

Thank you for interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

*Independent Individuals only. No Agencies will be considered.