Fullstack Rails developer with Backend focus

Circle Software Ltd — Company based in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

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About Circle

Circle Software develops a cloud application specialised for bookshops. Circle started in New Zealand and has a growing community in Australia. We have developers around the world and are looking for more to help us improve the product and expand into other countries.

As a small company we are dedicated to making a world class product but are relaxed about how and when you do it. You will get the opportunity to play a large part in the development of the product and the direction it takes.


Pivotal Tracker for project management

NewRelic for performance analysis

GitHub for source control

Circle CI for automated tests

Generally Mac or Linux for the desktop environment

Rails 4 on MySQL

Elastic Search

Ubuntu web servers

C++ for the Point Of Sales Client


A good command of and Solid experience with Ruby/Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, be committed to and apply programming best practice.

c++ experience

Familiarity with Linux web servers

Know how to build automated tests using RSPEC test framework.

Design and maintain SQL­Server Databases and be able to review and optimize sql queries to improve database performance.

Development experience with a large scale SAS application for business.

Be reliable and produce tidy code

Good communication skills in English


A good command of front end technologies html, css, javascript etc

Have experience in and understand the Agile development process and tools.

Nice to have:

Linux webserver admin skills

An eye for design and experience with design programs

Skills in on page SEO

An understanding of the retail environment or retail systems.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


At least 1 – 2 years programming experience


List your experience in relation to the points above and systems we use

Answer the following problem inline in your application. Applications that don’t have this will be ignored.

Problem To Solve

Write best practice code in JS or Ruby (depending on the job you are looking for) to calculate the check digit of an ISBN13 barcode

The algorithm is:

Take each digit, from left to right and multiply them alternatively by 1 and 3

Sum those numbers

Take mod 10 of the summed figure

Subtract 10 and if the end number is 10, make it 0

Example for 978014300723:

(9×1) + (7×3) + (8×1) + (0×3) + (1×1) + (4×3) + (3×1) + (0×3) + (0×1) + (7×3) + (2×1) + (3×3)


86 mod 10 = 6

10 – 6 = 4

Therefore the complete ISBN is: 9780143007234