Children's Book Illustrator

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via Bēhance

Wee Lions Early Learning is seeking a freelance illustrator for an educational and heartwarming storybook for children aged 4 to 6.

The narrative has been completely written. We are interested only in illustrations at this time.


The book will be published as a 20-page story. Additional illustrations will be needed for the front and back cover, totaling 24 pages of illustrations.

The illustrator must be proficient in drawing animals and nature scenes, as these are the focus and setting of the narrative. The illustrator must be able to capture the emotions of the story.  

Imagery must be age-appropriate and should appeal to both girls and boys.

The narrative is an optimistic, heartwarming story free of any violence, despair, or bias. This must be reflected in the illustrations.

The story is intended to be educational, promoting children’s social and emotional development (e.g., understanding human relations), positive values (e.g., kindness, helpfulness), and children’s cognitive and content knowledge (i.e., factual learning about different types of animals and their habitats). This must also be reflected in the illustrations.

We are particularly interested in watercolor and gouache illustration styles.

We will provide a final draft of the completed narrative.

Timeline: We would like a first draft of the illustrations within 3 weeks.

Wee Lions is in the process of creating a series of illustrated children’s books. Contingent on the outcome of this project, we may be interested in collaborating with the illustrator on multiple future projects.