Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

ODIC — Company based in New York, New York, United States

via Hubstaff Talent

This position involves primarily enhancing, optimizing and maintaining our inventory database. It is one of the largest in the industry, with millions of products stored and hundreds of thousands available at any given time. Many of these products are linked to a images and videos which need to be processed and managed. A strong SQL foundation is required, and statistics background is a major plus. Ruby on Rails and Redis experience is a bonus as well.

Core responsibilities include: 

* Maintaining the inventory updating system (making sure existing suppliers' feeds are working, and adding new ones) 

* Maintaining and enhancing multimedia importing scripts. 

* Develop algorithms to help create new products that build the brand.

The inventory management will involve working very closely with our CEO and frontend team. Everyone works together to make our customers' experience shopping with us as wonderful as possible. Many companies say this, but we hold ourselves to a much higher standard because of how important purchasing of an ecommerce purchase this is to people.

Developing new products will also entail understanding the team's ideas, and turning them into reality. Frontend development skills and/or design sensibilities are obviously a big plus. This part is intentionally vague because we're always open to new ideas.

You’ll be a good fit if you:

* Are self-disciplined and have a great work ethic
* Have good time management skills
* Communicate well
* Love to learn new things
* Are a full-stack engineer (UI/UX, backend, etc.)
* Can work until at least 1pm EST (M - F)


* Ruby on Rails
* React
* Javascript
* jQuery
* PostgreSQL
* Redis
* Image Processing
* Bash
* Unit tests (rspec, etc.)
* Memory profiling
* Performance profiling
* Git strategies
* SQL query optimization, locking, etc.)
* Advanced debugging skills
* API architecture
* Background workers
* Caching strategies
* Writing design docs/specifications
* Wireframing