Front End Engineer

Poll Everywhere — Company based in San Francisco

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At Poll Everywhere, we’re re-imagining our user experience to be simple, snappy, and delightful. We’re looking for somebody who has a keen eye for good UX and has extensive experience building maintainable, large-scale CSS and JavaScript applications. Our development process includes building static sites with both Ruby and Node, maintaining JavaScript libraries with NPM, and designing reusable application components. We like to keep things DRY. Are you familiar with Design Tokens? We’ve got those, too.

That said, we’re a team of pragmatists. You should understand trade-offs: know when to invest more time up front architecting the correct solution, when to accumulate or pay down tech debt, and when to use third-party libraries versus writing your own. You’ll work directly with other engineers (both front end and back end), design, marketing, customer service, and project managers to build intuitive, engaging applications.

Want to see how we build software? Check out the Poll Everywhere Playbook.

Are we the right match? See if this list resonates with your personal approach to development:

  • You have at least three years of practical experience
  • You value self-driven learning, and enjoy receiving feedback to help increase your performance.
  • You know JavaScript like the back of your hand.
  • You understand the differences between JavaScript MVC Frameworks, such as Backbone, Angular, and React.
  • You believe in testing all of your code.
  • You’re experienced with jQuery, Underscore, and d3.
  • You’re experienced with grid systems, such as Flexboxgrid.
  • You’re experienced with cross-browser testing.
  • You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs with CORS and Promises.
  • You care deeply about usability and can discuss Nielson’s related work.

What we want to know about you:

  • Something you’ve taught yourself recently.
  • Doesn’t have to be technical.
  • OSS projects and tools you’re involved with.
  • Involvement in the community through meetups, projects, essays, etc.
  • Interesting programming or scripting languages you’ve played around with.
  • Art, music, games, or anything else that fascinates you. We love passionate people.

We don’t care about:

  • Every technology you’ve used since you touched a keyboard, including DOA web services, IPX/SPX, Sonet/ATM networking experience, token ring, Banyan Vines, or LANtastic manager experience and so on.
  • Verbose resumes.

We are constantly growing the front end team and are looking for engineers with practical, real-world experience. From an ambitious developer with three years of experience and a strong portfolio, to a senior developer with ten years of building web applications, we are looking for high performers who love what they do.

Principals only, please. We aren’t using contingency staffing agencies at the moment. Poll Everywhere is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

Good luck!

We make a popular app that lets audiences use their mobile phones to vote on questions - and have the results show up in the presentation instantly.

It’s been described as magic, kind of like running your own American Idol in PowerPoint. You see us used on TV, in stadiums, schools, concerts, CEO presentations, and little Chloe's kindergarten Idol talent competition (it's thrilling) - wherever an audience can text or tweet.

Our customers include Google, TED, McDonalds, Starbucks, and other assorted badasses large and small (like Chloe). We scare companies that make "Audience Response Systems" or "Clickers".

Poll Everywhere is a group of very real people who rise to do some pretty unreal things - whether that be changing the nature of presentations forever, building the world's largest audience response system, or plotting attacks during a week-long spy game in Sonoma.

We're small, so you solve big problems and take on big responsibilities from day one. And you have a say — in what we build, how we build it, and even what kind of beef jerky is stocked in the kitchen. We get to do that because we only hire bright people, which means you'll work with an equally bright team.

We genuinely like what we do and we genuinely like each other. It's a pretty magical combination that drives us to be better every day, and have an awesome time doing it. Come visit us in San Francisco.