UI/UX Designer

TARA — Company based in Buffalo, NY or Remote

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At TARA.AI we are seeking a skilled computer science graduate, with 2+ years of experience with Laravel, and a passion to bring new and exciting ideas to life. We are looking for a hustler and a talented coder who can work with Angular & Node JS and PHP.

About The Company

TARA.AI, backed by Y Combinator, is the intelligent product builder, managing software builds from start to finish. Deploy on-demand developers, automatically scope your project and build task lists all through one platform. TARA serves small businesses and enterprise companies nationwide, and has offices in San Jose and San Francisco. Customers include Cisco, Ford and Orange Telecom.

Your responsibilities as a Front End Engineer will include:

  • As part of a product team, understanding user needs, and exploring user-centered designs
  • Specifying, building, testing, deploying, maintaining, and supporting your code
  • Leveraging modern tools and techniques to develop clean, efficient, and reusable code
  • Identifying and addressing design, development, and delivery performance bottlenecks
  • Actively participating in code and design reviews
  • Coaching, educating, and evangelizing front end development best practices


Front End Developer should have a strong grasp of:

  • Semantic HTML, modular CSS and JavaScript sans frameworks
  • Cross-browser quirks and compatibility
  • Mobile-first, content driven responsive design and development
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking UIs
  • Working with and integrating APIs
  • Identifying, testing, and resolving performance concerns
  • Team Git workflow and version control
  • Scrum/agile software development methodologies


Skills & Requirements:

  • PHP
  • JS (Angular & Node)
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Cloud Deployment on AWS and Google


Optional skills, but a big plus:

  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS & Responsive Frameworks.