Remote Business Specialist

Tunnll — Company based in Barcelona, Spain

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We are looking for business specialists who will help our organization to launch in new locations, maintain growth for existing projects and find new locations to grow to. 
Key Responsibilities
*   Build business cases for various projects of the company (research and analyze the market, forecast potential revenues, identify risks, etc.).
*   Facilitate project launches by building detailed preparation and implementation plans.
*   Maintain smooth communication in our distributed organization by applying your excellent cloud file management, Office, and Outlook skills.
*   Calculate and forecast net income, net profit, gross-profit, EBIT, ROI, write-offs (depreciation, amortization of various assets) and operating expenses for various innovation projects pursued by the company, including start-up projects.
*   Support the management of KPI and financial budgeting and forecasting.
*   Regular review of KPI performance.
*   Ad hoc reporting.
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Tunnll is a startup company with a distributed team spread accross the globe. We like to mix successful engineering management practices with marketing, administrative and design activities. In other words, we apply the best elements of SCRUM Agil eboth to software development and to all the non-engineering tasks.

How to apply

The only way to apply for this position is to successfully complete a web form at