Remote Software Engineer

Tunnll — Company based in Barcelona, Spain

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s with diverse technical backgrounds who love to solve problems and can leverage their personal experience to grow our team. If outstanding technical opportunities interest you, you should consider this position. We are interested in universal coders who like to solve original problems with production-ready code. 
What you will do:
*   Language-agnostic coding (Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Erlang, etc.);
*   Research-driven development: researching and using new languages and technologies to implement projects in the best possible way;
*   Test-Driven Development and BDD;
*   Extensive use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices;
*   git branching and deployment with git;
*   Agile practices in software development;
*   Extensive knowledge transfer between experienced developers and interns.
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Tunnll is a startup company with a distributed team spread accross the globe. We like to mix successful engineering management practices with marketing, administrative and design activities. In other words, we apply the best elements of SCRUM Agil eboth to software development and to all the non-engineering tasks.

How to apply

The only way to apply for this position is to successfully complete a web form at