Python Senior Developer

YMN LTD. — Company based in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey

via Hubstaff Talent

**About our company:**

We're fast growing and diverse technology business turning web content into useful data with a web crawling.

Our team is passionate about scraping, web crawling, and data science.

As a new team member, you will:

Become part of a self-motivated, progressive, multi-cultural team.

Have the opportunity to work remotely.

Get the chance to work with cutting-edge open source technologies and tools.

**About the Job:**

We're looking for software engineers to join our Professional Services team to work on web crawler development with Scrapy framework, our flagship open source project.

Are you interested in building web crawlers which powers crawls of over 1 million pages a month?

### **Job Responsibilities:**

* Design, develop and maintain Scrapy web crawlers
* Perform distributed information extraction, retrieval and data processing
* Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues with distributed crawling at scale
* Help identify, debug and fix problems with our running projects by Scrapy

### **Job Requirements:**

* 4+ years of software development experience.
* Solid Python knowledge, 3+ years of Python experience
* Familiarity with Linux/UNIX, HTTP, HTML, Javascript and Networking.
* Advanced Git experience
* Knowledge of Agile Methodologies
* Good communication in written English.
* Availability to work full time.

### **Bonus points for:**

* Scrapy experience is a big plus.
* Familiarity with techniques and tools for crawling, extracting and processing data (e.g. Scrapy, NLTK, pandas, scikit-learn, mapreduce, nosql, etc).
* Good spoken English.

### **Benefits:**

* 100% remote
* Any timezone
* Excellent work/life balance